Top 5: SFX Makeup Channels on YouTube

Despite the fact that there aren’t that many videos on her channel quite yet, the ones that are include a lot of gore.

If you want to do anything with fake blood for Halloween, then it’s definitely worth checking this channel out. Kiana’s videos are ingenious and disgusting.

The only downside to Kiana’s content is that the channel is quite professional, which means if you want to follow a tutorial you’ll most likely need the same equipment as them, which could mean spending some money.

However, if you’re already interested in doing SFX makeup then you probably have some of the stuff already!

4. MadeYewLook

My fourth choice for today’s list is also my newest discovery. I was watching the channel this morning, subscribed straight away and then had to include it.

MadeYewLook involves a lot of body paint; making her videos nearly all look colourful, unique and extremely appealing. The first video of hers I clicked on was her ‘Reptile | Lizard Makeup Tutorial’, simply because the use of colours jumped out at me.

I know that I’ll be watching through many of her videos now instead of doing work. Even now, I’ve had to pause her ‘Rayman makeup tutorial’ to finish this article before I go and find out how she pulled off something so good!

5. Pinkstylist

Last but not least, I want to mention Pinkstylist.

His channel is filled with wonderfully creepy characters and some hilarious videos where he shares his creations on Omegle!

PinkStylist’s tutorials are informative and descriptive, which is great if you’re actually going to follow one of his videos. If not, you can just skip past some of the talking if you want to shorten the video.

He does so many famous characters and if you’re going to a fancy dress party I would suggest his channel as a go-to for inspiration.

This post was written by Tube Chum’s Online Writer, Kelly-Ann Davies.

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