The Troll Hunter: Justin Bieber on YouTube

Justin’s recent (probably. I don’t know.) hit, Confident, seemed to go down well in his channel comments. This Belieber pictured above thought that the tune was ‘perfect’, but Nathan Bologna was quick to remind her that she’s wrong. We’ve never placed a fuse box in a blender but we’ve heard Justin’s new song, so maybe we don’t need to.


It’s not all bad news, though. Justin’s latest tune actually saved the life of YouTube user Bandee, and he was quick to inform Belieber’s of his story. We’d like to award Bandee with this week’s highly desirable Best Troll Comment Award for his account of his time in a coma. We wish him the best for the future.


We were having a whale of a time reading through troll comments on Justin’s channel, but now we’re terrified after this harrowing message from iClassy. Whereas other Belieber’s see Justin’s music as something to be adored, it looks like iClassy sees it as a sign of the apocalypse.

We’re not sure if this is a troll comment or a threat, but whatever it is, we like it. Let’s all take a moment to pray for Justin’s soul. Here at Tube Chum, we’re wondering if the ‘demons’ iClassy mentioned will make it into Bieber’s next album. A strange, confusing comment that we had to share.


Our final comment in this week’s Troll Hunter comes from a YouTube user we’ll refer to as Bill. Bill has arguably delivered to us one of the strangest comments ever to grace Justin Bieber’s YouTube page. We’ll type it out again so it gets the attention it deserves:

“Justin i am afraid no fence i will haveto remove your final breath from body as your music poor also brushyour teeths”.

We can only assume from the above comment that is was written by a very polite but very violent dentist. Joking aside, dental hygiene is vital if you want to keep your breath fresh, so it’s nice that Bill worked this medical advice into his death threat.

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