The Troll Hunter: Sam Pepper on YouTube


Welcome to the Troll Hunter, an original Tube Chum series where we browse YouTube’s most viewed channels, dig out some troll comments and name and shame the offenders. This week, we’re looking at controversial prankster and ex Big Brother UK star, Sam Pepper.

Sam Pepper hasn’t had a great month, has he? The British YouTuber and vlogging star recently released a ‘Bum Pinch’ prank that outraged many, despite Sam claiming the video had a moral message behind it. We headed over to the entertainer’s YouTube channel to see how his audience were reacting to recent events.


Our first comment on today’s Troll Hunter comes from ‘The Bat’, who has decided to draw attention to Pepper’s admittedly unique hairstyle. In the words of The Bat, who we’re assuming isn’t the actual Batman, the British YouTuber’s haircut makes his head look like an ‘unruly British ballbag’. We’re not sure we’d be able to differentiate a regular ballbag from an unruly one, so we might contact The Bat to find out more information. Perhaps he has the answer hidden in the Bat Cave.


If there’s one way to get back at somebody you don’t like, then it’s creating them on the Sims and leading them to a watery grave. This theory comes to us courtesy of ‘Knight’, who told YouTube: “I made Sam on the sims and then made him swim and took away the ladder he died soon after lol”. Here at Tube Chum, we’re taken back by Knight’s creativity when it comes to channelling rage. Perhaps we should all take a page out of this commentor’s book and load up the Sims whenever we’re feeling annoyed at someone.


After glancing at this next comment and spotting the phrase ‘sand fanny’, we knew we had to take a second look. This comment from ‘M’ offers a verbal shot at Pepper’s defensive army of fans, saying: “All of you lot sayin you think sam is innocent and should be left alone need t be thrown to the f*ckin sand fanny in star wars”. Although our Star Wars knowledge isn’t the greatest, we’re going to assume that M is referring to the Sarlacc in Return of the Jedi. Ouch.

Update: On the subject of recent allegations, Pepper has shared this legal document via his Twitter page.


Ross has spotted the opportunity to distastefully promote his mixtape and has grabbed it with both hands. On a video where the majority of comments are naturally related to a sensitive topic focusing on a number of gender equality issues, we doubt many care about Ross’ tunes. Try another video, Ross.


It may be early days in this pineapple’s quest for YouTube dominance, but it’s off to a good start. 103 YouTube users have deemed this fruit worthy of their thumbs.

Update: On the subject of recent allegations, Pepper has shared this legal document via his Twitter page.

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