Uh-oh! Everybody hates YouTube on iOS


As Google continues to make changes to YouTube on iOS, more and more users are coming forward to moan about the updates, mentioning problems with buffering speed, the layout and more.

We decided to head online to get a sense of exactly what it is people are moaning about, because clearly there’s a problem. Take a look at the App Store rating for YouTube, for example, and you’ll see the current version of the app has an overall rating of 1.5 stars. Ouch.

The current version of YouTube on iOS has an overall user rating of 1.5 stars. Ouch.

So what has changed recently that has caused all the fuss? Well, according to the folk over at Google, this most recent download adds a host of features including the ability to browse recommended YouTube videos.

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“Gr – We hate change!” – The internet

The App Store update notes read: “Now your favourite channels and subscriptions can be accessed by tapping each icon or swiping your screen. You can also create fun videos on the fly with new in-app editing tools”.

According to Reddit’s /r/YouTube community, this latest app update is best forgotten.

iOS user Caelinus said: “Getting used to [the new layout] is just settling, this new layout is much less useable”, whilst Woofer212 added: “It crashes constantly on my phone and then tries to restart constantly. I have to reset my phone to get it to go away”.


Shots fired.

It’s not all bad news, though. Reddit commenter Nycstocks was a bright light, writing: “I like it. I’m just playing around with it right now and exploring all the new features”.

Over on the App Store, one user rants: “I’ve skipped every update to this app since they took away the simple ‘back’ button and implemented their idiotic swipe down and then swipe away design. C’mon, Google. I check back with each new update and read the reviews. It seems that they keep messing it up more and more. Oh well, I’ll hold on to my old, old version until they get it right. At this rate, it’s never going to be right”.

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