YouTube launches impressive VR update for Android


YouTube has announced that its official Android mobile app will now support VR content, opening up a world of possibilities for Google Cardboard owners.

Despite this recent change, 360 degree videos have been available on YouTube since March, however this new VR option means that videos can now be viewed in 3D, straight from the app.

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]VR on YouTube opens up a world of possibilities[/pullquote]

Using the Google Cardboard headset, video-makers can create the sensation of depth perception by making the viewer see something slightly different with each eye, which is what makes it possible to produce a 3D image. As the VR community on YouTube is still developing, there’s a limited catalogue of videos that make the most of the update at the time of writing. Thankfully, this’ll improve over time.


Grab a Cardboard headset for under £10

As well as a host of new VR functions, Google has also made it possible to watch any YouTube video through an Android-compatible headset. Viewers can select the “Cardboard” option from the watch menu and go from there.

Speaking about YouTube’s VR update on the website’s blog, a spokesperson said: “If we’ve learned anything in the past 10+ years at YouTube it’s that capturing and sharing videos is a great way to bring people there with you.”

“Virtual reality (VR) makes the experience of being there even more awesome and immersive.”

Take a look at YouTube’s Virtual Reality playlist.

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