Where to start with: FreddieW on YouTube

FreddieW has built up a reputation and over six million subscribers on YouTube for his slick production mixed with extremely nerdy subjects.

Freddie Wong (the star’s real name) is a bona fide YouTube elder; the first video on his main channel posted 7 years ago may not have been his most viewed but all the hallmarks of his style are there.

The format of YouTube lends itself to short, snappy storytelling and in the poker themed Aces a fresh faced Freddie takes on a cool, calm and collected player with unexpected consequences.

In the early days, Freddie was known more around the internet for his Guitar Hero skills, reflected in a lot of his early videos and referenced in Video Game High School, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

No Freddie Wong article would be complete without a talk about his company, Rocket Jump.

Very early on in his YouTube career Freddie’s love of video games was very clear with his Real Life Portal Gun video one of his highest viewed at over 12 million views. The idea of a Portal gun in real life has been done since in hundreds of videos since but Freddie’s was one of the first and it shows the beginning of his move towards CGI work.

No Freddie Wong article would be complete without a talk about his company Rocket Jump and the video of the same name that inspired it.

A rocket jump (for the uninitiated) is a game mechanic best known from Valve’s premium hat simulator Team Fortress 2; one of the classes, the soldier, can perform a move where he jumps, then shoots at the ground below him, firing himself upwards to surprise attack the other team. The rest is YouTube history.

Rocket Jump has helped Freddie produce all his subsequent videos and gain more conventional media coverage, giving him the chance to have cameo appearances from mainstream stars such as director Jon Favreau, 90210 star Shenae Grimes and Dollhouse actress Eliza Dushku.

People often talk about what YouTube can do to integrate with mainstream media but YouTubers have done a lot over the past few years to show the two don’t need to merge for either to exist.

FreddieW is one of these and with the Rocket Jump-backed Video Game High School (VGHS), a show made by, for and starring a raft of YouTube talent the first series was made via a Kickstarter and peaked at over eight million views.

With the second series having started, posting first on Rocket Jump and then a week later on YouTube, the rise of FreddieW and his team is unlikely to stop and whether it’s a series like VGHS or a simple idea like The Ultimate Nutshot.

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