Where to start with: Minecraft on YouTube

In the beginning, there was CaptainSparklez, and Notch saw that it was good. His first Hunger Games video may not actually have been the first of its kind (which ruins my intro if I’m honest) but as an introduction to the format there aren’t many better people on YouTube to talk you through it.

It also gives you a delightful introduction into some of the drawbacks of Minecraft back in the days before its official release.

For more Minecraft Hunger Games try out SkyDoesMinecraft, TheBajanCanadian and Vikkstar123.


Don't let its simplicity fool you

Don’t let its simplicity fool you

One of the more complicated aspects of Minecraft is its de facto power system. In the vanilla game, (no mods, no glory), Redstone powers your lights, your pistons, your doors.

But, if at first look you consider Redstone to be a simple beast that you can’t use to do intricate and amazing things then prepare to be shocked.

If you want to learn the basics then turn to SethBling’s Redstone lessons and then check out the rest of his channel for fun inventions and mini games built into Minecraft, using Redstone of course. If you’re looking for something mind-blowing and impressive then look no further than a personal favourite of mine, CNB Minecraft and specifically his Batcave build tutorial.

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