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He first started uploading to Crabstickz in 2009, and has since gained over 500,000 subscribers. This success has helped him gain acting roles in a number of notable YouTube projects, with the British star also making several TV appearances on the BBC.

Early in his YouTube career, some of Chris’ most popular videos included his sketches, which featured the popular ‘Bad Doctor’ and ‘Nazi Gold’.

Chris has also become well-known on YouTube for his character creations, including Darren Styles and Enrique. However, his most popular is arguably Becca Hodgkins, who is a parody of ‘YouTube fan girls’ and features Chris playing an overly-excited teenage girl talking about her love for online vloggers. ‘Becca’ has collaborated with other YouTubers such as Alfie Deyes and Conor Maynard.

Crabstickz’s second channel has featured popular video series such as ‘Bet you can’t draw Thursdays’, where Chris draws pictures based on suggestions from subscribers. The channel also features film reviews where Chris lends his opinions on the latest film releases in his iconic comedic fashion.

Chris caused a stir within the YouTube community back in 2013 when he hinted on Twitter that he may be leaving the website, prompting a flurry of questions on Twitter from fans begging him not the quit.

The rumours spawned a number of hashtags trending on Twitter, which prompted Crabstickz to upload a video addressing the situation. He confirmed that he would still be uploading to YouTube, but would only do so when he wanted to, as he ‘didn’t want to feel pressured’ to upload just to please subscribers.

Popular Uploads (As of October 2014)

1) 41 Accents

2) Internet Animal Impressions

3) I Can’t Even: Geek Week Special


We Recommend

Here at Tube Chum, we reckon it’s pretty hard to pick just one Crabstickz video to recommend. Many great uploads from this talented YouTuber include his short-lived ‘The Crabstickz Show’ sketch series, and many of his earlier sketches are just as hilarious. However, we’re going to recommend you that you watch 12th Doctor Who Revealed!, as it really gives you an idea of Chris’ humour, and lets you see him at his very best. It’s weird and cooky, and you won’t stop laughing.

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