YouTube Heroes launched for community content monitoring

YouTube has announced the launch of ‘YouTube Heroes’ which is looking to attract volunteer contributors to help monitor content.

Google hopes that the scheme will ‘help create the best possible YouTube experience for everyone’.

The community of volunteers will be encouraged to flag inappropriate content, add captions to videos and assist users on the YouTube help forum.

As a way of enticing people to join, YouTube is offering rewards that can be earned by supporting the community. Users will be able to elevate through five levels, with perks ranging from access to the heroes dashboard, to being able to contact YouTube staff directly and test products before release.

The ability to become a YouTube Hero is available to anyone wth access to YouTube,

The five levels for YouTube Heroes

Level 1

Join the community
Access the Heroes dashboard

Level 2

Learn at exclusive workshops
Take part in Hero hangouts

Level 3

Mass flag abusive content
Help moderate content in the YouTube Heroes community

Level 4

Sneak preview product launches
Contact YouTube staff directly

Level 5

Test products before release
Apply for the Heroes Summit


Will you be applying to become a YouTube Hero? Let us know by tweeting us at @TubeChum.

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