YouTube launches mobile friendly ‘end screen’ feature


YouTube has today announced a new tool that lets you create a mobile friendly interactive end screen for your videos.

Many YouTubers already have end screens for their content, and use annotations to encourage viewers to watch more of their videos. The downside is that the annotations don’t work on mobile devices.

With more and more viewers using their mobile to watch their favourite videos, it was only a matter of time before this feature was launched.

The ‘end screens’ tool enables creators to have an interactive end to their video for all users, which can last between 5-20 seconds.

Google has explained that end screens can:

  • Point viewers to other videos, playlists or channels on YouTube
  • Call for subscriptions to your channel
  • Promote your website, merchandise and crowdfunding campaigns

Muli Salem, Product Manager for YouTube, said: “After testing End Screens with a number of creators, we’ve incorporated feedback to make the tool work even better. We couldn’t be happier to make it available to every creator on YouTube.”

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Daniel Mackrell

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