Comment: YouTube Layout Changes are Brilliant

Look at the layout now, though, and it’s tough to imagine things any other way. That’s great design.

If you look at ‘old’ YouTube layouts now, you’ll notice just how messy the website used to look. The modern upgrade is far cleaner and actually places a bigger emphasis on the content featured on channel pages. Thumbs up.

Remember the uproar when the comments section was altered to integrate Google Plus accounts? It was a necessary change, and has actually gone some way to reducing spam. Whilst the comments section is still flawed, it’s easily the best it’s ever been.

Above: The latest YouTube layout. Phwoar.

How about the moment when star ratings were replaced with ‘Like’ and ‘Dislike‘ thumbs? Carnage. Think about it now though, and it’s clear that this rating system is far better than it was before. The videos of ‘big YouTuber’s’ don’t get 5-star ratings day after day anymore, and you can actually see how popular these videos have become as they’ve spread.

My point here is this: Even though we may whine and moan about YouTube layout changes when the team over at Google announce them on the Creator’s blog, what we’re left with afterwards makes the website better than before.

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