YouTube Live: Fan-made concept takes on Periscope

As popular live-streaming apps Meerkat and Periscope continue to reel in users, one YouTube user and graphic designer has come up with a concept for the video-sharing website’s own alternative.

Called YouTube Live, this concept by Viral Jogani allows users to see in real time which YouTubers are live-streaming, displaying the videos in a handy list. For streamers themselves, video footage of their shows will be automatically uploaded to YouTube once the broadcast ends. Nifty!


Meet YouTube Live. (Image: Viral Jogani)

The concept creator explains that he was inspired by YouTube Gaming when it came to designing YouTube Live.

Speaking about the app’s Home page on his website, Jogani writes: “Home is the main feed a user sees when opening up the app. Think of it like your Subscriptions tab on YouTube. Under Home, you can find the live streams of people you’re subscribed to, as well as streams that have already ended”.

“This is just a concept, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Google entered the mobile live stream space with their own competitive service” – Viral Jogani

“From here, you can also initiate a broadcast by filling out the What are you up to text field and tapping on the broadcast button to the right. I wanted to make it as seamless and quick as possible to start a broadcast without additional clutter”.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 14.29.25

A look at YouTube Live’s various menus.

Here at Tube Chum, we’re pretty impressed by Jogani’s concept. This app would certainly make browsing live-streams a whole lot easier and the idea of stumbling upon a creator for the first time is interesting. Similar streaming services such as Twitch and Ustream have their own apps already, so it’s nice to imagine YouTube getting the same treatment when it comes to broadcasting on the go.

The Discover page on YouTube Live makes it easier than ever for viewers to stumble upon streams that may be of interest to them, even if they’re being broadcast by YouTuber’s they’re not too familiar with. Users are notified when their favourite YouTubers start streaming, which means that missing out on the fun is a thing of the past.


Is ‘live vlogging’ on YouTube the future? (Image: Viral Jogani)

Jogani rounds off his post by mentioning the potential of YouTube Live and streaming on the website in the future. He says: “There’s many potentially great use cases for mobile live streaming (breaking news, political activism, new form of vlogging, etc.) and there’s so much data left to be captured that it would be the perfect opportunity for Google (or Alphabet) to seize”.

See also: YouTube Live official Medium page.

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