YouTube reveals summer updates for content creators

Google has released a preview of YouTube’s summer updates today, including an improved subscriber notification system and a new creator community.

The announcements were made via the YouTube Creators Blog, where a spokeperson shared ten changes that we can expect to see on the video-sharing website over the coming months.

New subscriber notifications offer a simple way to keep updated on mobile.

One of the additions that’ll leave many YouTubers excited is the new subscriber notifications feature, which will provide a simpler way for fans to manage email and mobile notifications when their favourite channels upload new videos. Viewers will also be able to access their subscription feed with greater ease using YouTube’s mobile app.

Work on improving YouTube’s comment system continues too, with a new ranking system being worked on to help tackle issues with spam comments. Google also revealed that dislikes on comments have ‘dropped by 30%’.

The incoming updates were also discussed on the YouTube Creators channel (Above)

Users of the Creator Studio app will be able to access insightful statistics about their YouTube channel and can get help and advice through notifications. It will also become easier to manage videos with the ability to update thumbnails on smartphones and tablets.

A new ‘YouTube Creator Community’ forum will make it possible for like-minded YouTubers to interact, share feedback and even find people to collaborate with. In anticipation for the new video game streaming service, YouTube Gaming, Google also plans to make it easier for YouTubers to create and manage live streams.

Some updates can be expected to roll out over the next few weeks, whilst others may not be implemented until later in the year.

Which updates are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments section below or tweet us at @TubeChum.

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