YouTube Rewind 2015 out now – Watch here!


It’s here, folks!

The annual YouTube Rewind video is now available to watch on the YouTube Spotlight channel, featuring appearances from popular YouTube stars such as PewDiePie, Hannah Hart, Jenna Marbles and Tyler Oakley.

YouTube Rewind is a celebration of this year’s viral hits, and to commemorate YouTube’s 10th anniversary, the video also includes a special look at some of the most popular videos in YouTube history. Don’t worry, ‘Charlie Bit Me‘ and ‘Double Rainbow‘ both make an appearance.

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”Rewind is our way to help you celebrate some of your favourite moments on YouTube”[/pullquote]

This year’s YouTube Rewind has gone down well with viewers from around the world, with #YouTubeRewind trending globally soon after the video’s release.

As well as a healthy batch of talented YouTube stars, the video also features appearances from mainstream celebrities such as James Corden and John Oliver, who have both enjoyed online success with videos from their own TV shows.

YouTube Rewind features all of the biggest online stars.

Speaking over on the YouTube Blog, Kevin Alloca, Head of Culture and Trends, said: “Rewind is our way to help you celebrate some of your favourite moments on YouTube through our official top trending videos of 2015, based on the amount of time people spent watching, sharing, commenting, liking, and more.”

If the YouTube Rewind video wasn’t enough, you can also check out a special behind-the-scenes video on the YouTube Spotlight channel.

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