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For newer YouTube fans, it would probably be a difficult task to explain how or why Fred was the most popular thing on the website at one stage. That’s perhaps because many of us have never been sure.

Lucas Cruikshank’s channel, based around a high-pitched kid called Fred Figglehorn, was one that annoyed a large number of people. In its prime, however, it was the most subscribed channel on YouTube.

It all started when Lucas was trying different characters for a channel he was running with two of his cousins. As the character’s videos became more and more popular, he then set up the Fred channel and moved the videos onto there. The rest is history.

Fred with his popular over-the-top reactions.

Fred’s over-the-top reactions have proved a hit.

Over the next year the channel continued to grow, and by April 2009 it became the first ever YouTube channel to reach one million subscribers. During this moment in time Cruikshank owned the most subscribed channel on YouTube, before being overtaken by NigaHiga.

In 2009, Lucas decided to release a Christmas album called ‘It’s Hackin’ Christmas with Fred’. The song, ‘Christmas is Creepy’, reached number one in the US Holiday charts.

The popularity of the channel encouraged Nickelodeon to approach Lucas to make a movie, which was released in 2010. Fred’s big-screen adventure was released in cinemas and also aired on Nickelodeon. Critics slammed the film and it was left with a 0% rating on review website Rotten Tomatoes. It also did poorly in cinemas, although the film got solid viewing figures when it aired on TV.

Through it’s admittedly very slight success, Lucas was encouraged to put together a sequel. Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred was released in 2011, followed by a third film – ‘Camp Fred‘ in 2012.

Fred in 'Fred 3: Camp Fred'

Fred in ‘Fred 3: Night of the Living Fred’

Outside of his work as Fred, Lucas Cruikshank has pursued various other projects including playing the lead-role in Nickelodeon TV show, ‘Marvin Marvin’.

He was nominated for Best TV Actor at the 2013 Kids Choice Awards for his role as Marvin in the show.

Lucas now runs a YouTube channel with his friend Jenny. The ‘Lucas and Jenny’ channel currently has over 700,00 subscribers.

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