YouTube working on live 360-degree broadcasts


YouTube’s creators are planning on bringing live 360-degree videos to the website, which could potentially open up a whole new world of entertainment opportunities.

The folk over at BuzzFeed say that ‘multiple sources’ are backing the claim, with YouTube representatives believed to have met recently with camera manufacturers to discuss the feature. BuzzFeed’s report notes that a launch timeline for 360-degree livestreaming on YouTube remains unclear.

Speaking more about the feature, BuzzFeed news reporter Brendan Klinkenberg writes: “What YouTube is in the process of creating is a platform for broadcasting live 360-degree video to a global audience. And the difficulties associated with making that happen are prodigious.”

360 game 2

MysteryGuitarMan recently released a 360-degree video.

“Bringing live 360-degree video to users, however, would mean ingesting feeds from all sorts of cameras. And that could prove a daunting task without prior knowledge of each camera’s specs and idiosyncrasies — or the ability to identify them on the fly.”

Just recently, we reported on the news that MysteryGuitarMan has released a 360-degree game on YouTube, teaming up with Field Day to produce a unique interactive experience. The game invites viewers to track the movements of one of three balls as they fly around the camera thanks to roller-skaters and basketball athletes.

Meanwhile, YouTube has shared an inside look at England’s Buckingham Palace with a 360-degree video tour experience as part of a new Google Expeditions app that offers virtual adventures for school children.

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Source: BuzzFeed News

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