YouTubers on Snapchat: The Username List

Even if you don’t use it, the chances are that you’ve heard of Snapchat.

It seems that more and more YouTuber’s have been making the most of the image-sharing app recently, so we thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of usernames for fans to check out.

Read on for our list of YouTuber’s that make the most of the image-sharing app. Why not add your favourites?

1) Caspar Lee – Casparlee1994

South African vlogger and general funny chap Caspar Lee likes to keep in touch with his audience through Snapchat. We’ve seen a couple of ‘Stories’ from Caspar featuring pranks with his flatmate, Joe Sugg.

2) Alfie Deyes – Itsalfiedeyes

Arguably one of the most popular British YouTuber’s on the planet, Alfie is clearly a big fan of the Snapchat selfie.

Above: A fan-made montage of Alfie’s past Snapchats.

As the release of the Pointless Book 2 draws closer, we’re expecting some behind-the-scenes snaps teasing the book before it arrives later in the year.

3) Joey Graceffa – Joeygraceffa16

YouTube personality, actor and author Joey Graceffa is another Snapchat addict, often offering up some teasing clips of future uploads to his biggest fans.

4) Joe Sugg – Thatcherjoe

Joe isn’t afraid of making himself look rather silly, so if you add the vlogger on your Snapchat account you can expect plenty of pictures and videos of Mr Sugg in strange costumes.

A collection of past snaps from Joe.

As we mentioned, Joe and Caspar live together, so you’ll spot some Snapchat collaborations from the pair.

5) Oli White – Oliwhite1

Oli has been known to mention fan meet-ups in the past via Snapchat, so if you’re hoping to increase your chances of getting a selfie with Oli, this could help you out.


But wait, there’s more! Here’s some other YouTuber Snapchat usernames [courtesy of Tumblr] featuring the likes of Marcus Butler, Jim Chapman, Connor Franta and Matthew Lush.

Update: July 2015 – Added more usernames. If you think we’ve made an error, let us know by tweeting us @TubeChum.

Damon Fizzy: Damonfizzy

Tanya Burr: Tanyaburrbearr [via Superscape]

Ricky Dillon: Ricky.dillon

Connor Franta: Theconnorfranta

Jc Caylen: ChamClouder

Kian Lawley: Swifferme

Trevor Moran: Trevormoran

Marcus Butler: Themarcusbutler

Jim Chapman: Jimchapman

Sawyer Hartman: Sawyerhartman

FunForLouis: Funforlouis

Beau Brooks: Beaupbrooks

Mazzi Maz: Mazzi_maz

Lohanthony: Aanthoony

Niomi Smart: Niomismart [via Superscape]

Beautybaby44: Beautybaby

Kevin Droniak: Kdron64

Matthew Lush: MatthewLush

Jesse Welle (PVP): Jessepvp

Logan Paul: Loganpaul


Chai Cameron: Howdychai

Steve Zaragoza (Sourcefed): Stevezaragoza

Harrison Webb: Harrisonwebb007

Shay Butler (SHAYTARDS): Shaycarl

AmazingPhil: Amazingphil

Tyler Oakley: Snaptyleroakley [via Superscape]

Catrific: Yourfavoritecat [via Superscape]

Grace Helbig: Realgracehelbig [via Superscape]

Mamrie Hart: Realmametown [via Superscape]

Hannah Hart: Hartoooo [via Superscape]

Troye Sivan: Troyesivan [via Superscape]

Niki and Sammy: Nikinsammy [via Superscape]

 Joe Weller: Thewellard [via Superscape]

Have we missed out one of your favourite YouTuber’s on our list? Let us know in the comments section below or tell us who to add at @TubeChum.

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