Footballing SkillTwins to star in reality show


The SkillTwins have confirmed they will be starring in their own reality TV show, Life as SkillTwins, which will show viewers a typical day in the lives of the football freestylers.

Sweden’s pair of talented football skill experts have teamed up with one of the country’s biggest news sites, Aftonbladet, to launch Life as SkillTwins. The boys have worked alongside some massive footy stars in the past, including the likes of Barcelona forward Neymar and Bayern Munich defender David Alaba.

[pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”This show will let our fans get to know us in a way they never have before”[/pullquote]

Speaking about Life as SkillTwins on Instagram, the boys said: “BOOM! It is now official that we will be staring in our own REALITY SHOW about the life of SkillTwins. It feels fantastic that we will have our own show!”

“We have always loved watching documentaries growing up. This show will let our fans get to know us in a way they never have before”

Each episode of the new show will be around 10 minutes long and will include segments on football training and the work schedule of the SkillTwins themselves. A total of six episodes are scheduled for release over on the Aftonbladet website, with the action kicking off early next year.

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The boys are hoping to inspire their audience with the help of Life as SkillTwins, adding: “Thank you to all our great fans – it is you that makes this possible! This is just the beginning of our journey together!”

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